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Today's leaders know that they run a healthcare business whether they like it or not. Employee benefits are a key component of an organization's employee costs, retention and culture. We utilize performance driven insights and tactics that drastically improve outcomes that results in substantial savings in the area of employee benefits.   

In the old model of health care, the supply side dictated the pricing and terms. Our unique process turns the old model which many view as a liability, on its head into a source of competitive advantage that results in our clients recapturing 8-15% of their medical insurance costs. We've uncovered where the margins are hiding, and we believe that our clients should know how to recapture those margins for the benefit of their shareholders and workforce. 

Rather than being facilitators of insurance transactions, we collaboratively guide our client-partners through the many layers of obfuscation in the healthcare system and cut through the hide-and-seek tactics by health insurance carriers, vendors and their brokers that causes confusion and drive up costs. We provide a proven blueprint that gets results that are Better for you. Better for your employees. Better for our communities. Better for America.

"You Run A Healthcare Business Whether You Like It Or Not" 

Our Proven Methodology Gets Results

The Value of our Benefits Strategic Planning Methodology

At a strategic level, the primary concern of Board of Directors and CEOs, CFOs is optimizing the money being spent on benefits to attract and retain workforce talent. In many organizations, HR has been viewed as a "tactical function" as compared to a "business partner" of other departments within the enterprise. Advancing HR and transforming this discipline to one that proactively advances business strategy is a major focus of forward-leaning CEOs.

Benefits Strategic Planning Made Easy...

We advocate a nationally recognized, six-step process that simultaneously serves as a project plan, and a springboard for future management decisions regarding the benefits program. When engaging in the strategic planning process the following themes will be emphasized:

  • Clearer alignment of the total rewards strategy with the overall business strategy which is a critical key to success for all employers today. HR must play a strategic role in the organization and be the driving force behind the workforce becoming a unique competitive advantage for the company.

  • A well-defined road map (i.e. - Benefits Strategic Plan) is an essential tool to ensure proactive management of the rewards program and its alignment with the business mission. This is a philosophical approach that will aid HR professionals and make their jobs easier. The absence of such a plan results in HR being relegated to a reactive role that diminishes the potential of a company's biggest asset - their workforce. 

The Benefits Strategic Plan in Practice...

Embracing the concept of the Benefits Strategic Plan will cause a long-term, positive change in the planning and management of your benefits program. 

You should expect our Benefits Consulting team to facilitate the strategic planning effort. During the planning process, our consulting team will meet and work jointly with you to strategize and develop the essential components of the Benefits Strategic Plan. At the conclusion of this collaboration, our Benefits team will produce a final document for your organization that memorializes the benefits strategic plan.

At this point, the Benefits Strategic Plan becomes the project plan for the near-term. It is the road-map for: managing benefits and containing costs, modifying plan design and introducing new benefits, enhancing or improving benefits communications, adjusting or implementing new administration processes, and levering technology.

Looking further into the future, on a semi-annual or annual basis you should use the Benefits Strategic Plan to review progress and to ensure all activities are aligned with the current business circumstances. 

Broker Retention Incentives That Preserve The Status Quo ... There's A Better Way Forward!

The status quo broker "commission-based" compensation model is rife with conflicts of interest stemming from undisclosed compensation arrangements. 

We have a better way forward! 

Pay for Performance (P4P), also known as "Performance-Based Compensation".

A Radically Different Approach

I believe the time is now for a radically different approach to capitalism. My vision for the future is a marked departure from the "business as usual" model of yesterday. We will remain future focused where business puts people before profits and values at it's core. 

We embrace the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism; stakeholder integration, higher purpose, conscious leadership, conscious culture & management. It is a way we practice business that is more conscious of our higher purpose, impacts on the world and relationships we have with our clients, stakeholders & the community.

Antione T. Turner

Founder & Chief Strategists


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