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Millennials Will Revolutionize Health Benefits

Boomers blamed their parents’ generation for handing them a society rife with corruption and mindless conformity. Now it’s their kids’ turn to point the finger. Boomers are bankrupting the country in the name of health care that doesn’t deliver on the quality or economic promises they bought hook, line, and sinker. If we can’t slay the health care beast, millennial's will see their future stolen from them. As the largest generation in history and now the largest chunk of the workforce they will make their presence felt. Read more on our insights into how smart employers are shifting their workforce to a higher-performing benefits package.

Connecting HR to Operations

Connecting Workforce Health to Business Performance


The Problem: Human resources and benefits managers could make a stronger case for the value of health and wellness benefits by making senior leaders’ key business performance metrics – measures of what their organizations actually do, rather than simply the costs of doing it – a central outcome when reporting the results of their health-related initiatives. However, these professionals typically do not:

  • Understand what business performance metrics resonate with senior leaders.
  • Have a clear idea of what metrics to focus on and how to relate health data to business performance.
  • Know who within their organization to consult for guidance.

The Solution:

  • Make the business case for workforce health in terms of the impact on core business processes, not just on cost savings.
  • Communicate with senior leaders and operations personnel to understand the metrics they use to evaluate how well different people or units with revenue-generating functions are performing. The earlier this is done when planning an initiative or evaluation, the better.
  • Learn how leaders generally connect human capital to business results when the process is not straightforward.
  • Determine whether to link health to individuals or to business unit performance and plan your program evaluations accordingly.
  • Incorporate critical business metrics into reporting on an ongoing basis.

Download The Practical Guidance Report From The Integrated Benefits Institute

"In many organizations, HR has been viewed as a “tactical function” as compared to a “business partner” of other departments within the enterprise. 

Advancing HR and transforming this discipline to one that proactively advances business strategy is a major focus of forward-thinking CEO’s, CFO's and CHRO's".  

Our strategic benefits planning methodology will elevate the status of HR to become a trusted business partner of other departments within the enterprise.

Antione Turner, Chief Strategists

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