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Manage Benefits Costs: Using Strategic Planning as a Tool

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Lower Costs - Better Care - Better Benefits

Improve your company's financial performance

It's estimated by organizations such as PwC and the Institute of Medicine that 30-50% of all health care spending is waste, fraud, or abuse. If health care is 20% of your payroll expenses, this is like a 6-10% perpetual payroll tax on your competitiveness.

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Improve the quality of care for employees

 Organizations, big and small, public sector and private, have tackled this by implementing key strategies, solutions, and benefits design changes. The Total Rewards Agency in collaboration with Health Rosetta simplifies adopting their best practices. 

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Help employees spend less out-of-pocket

 As costs have gone up, employers have had to shift more costs to employees, despite spending more on payroll than ever. It's consuming 79% of all household income growth and is on track to consume 50% of all household income by 2021. 

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Transparency - Trust - Integrity

Performance-Based Contracting Our Next Wave of Innovation

A key element of our mission is to help employers achieve significant savings without conflicts of interest. We've found that the first step toward high performance benefits is disclosure of incentives to minimize conflicts, create transparency and increase trust in our consultants and process.

The commission-based payment structure for brokers have created little incentive for brokers to actively manage costs. 

We take out the guess work by using a performance-based compensation model, where compensation is directly tied to lowering costs. No Performance - No Pay! 

We back this up with a full transparent benefits professional compensation disclosure, certification & transparency agreement, client bill of rights and benefits adviser code of conduct. 

Our Commitment

  • Fully and meaningfully disclose our compensation and other conflicts of interest.

  • Only make changes to client health benefits programs that can potentially improve care while reducing costs AND employees' spending. No more choosing between hurting your organization or hurting your employees.

  • Think, plan, and act in your long term interest, including completing a 3-5 year strategic plan that aligns with your enterprise strategic plans..

These practices significantly differentiate our professionals and their design, purchasing, and management process from the typical highly-conflicted, opaque process.

Research & Insights

Employer Cost Savings Strategies

 Providing employee benefits, specifically health and medical care, to an increasingly diverse workforce is complex as well as costly for any enterprise. By joining forces with the company's benefit and finance team, we can develop and implement a customized "Benefits Strategic Plan", striking a balance between offering a market competitive program, meeting the employees' needs and achieving the company's financial goals. 


Reduce Benefits Spend 20-40%

You run a health care business whether you want to or not. The CEO'S Guide provides the path to make it thrive. An inside look at how public and private employers and unions around the country are reducing their spending 20-40% while improving the quality of care, illuminating the path to follow their successes. 

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2019 Employer Medical cost trend

Employer medical cost trend has plateaued. PwC's Health Research Institute projects employer medical cost trend will be 6 percent for 2019. Healthcare continues to represent a large share of the US economy and a large share of total employee compensation. A consistent growth rate between 5.5 percent and 7 percent is still unsustainably high 

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