A Proactive Approach To Benefits Strategic Planning

Benefits Strategic Planning: Managing Benefits Costs Using Strategic Planning as a Tool

If you run an organization, work as a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) , employ people, or have responsibility for your company's income statement, you are probably more concerned about controlling your organization's health insurance costs than about global warming, government debt, or al Qaeda. After all, health insurance benefits may be either the second or third most expensive item on your income statement (second after labor costs in service industries, third in manufacturing after labor and cost of goods). In the past, most CHROs , CEOs, CFOs paid little attention to trying to manage this expense-that was the work of the insurance companies, managed care organizations, providers, vendors, and brokers hired to design, manage, and perform oversight of this area.  Well, if you think the insurance carriers, providers, vendors, government, or broker will fix your problem, We have a bridge to sell you.

Tackling your healthcare costs should be one of the top priorities for every employer, for not only competitiveness but, for many, survival. Few employers and their brokers have designed a three-to-five year strategic plan for health risk mitigation or understand the strategies that do work. We aggregate proven best practices from the best benefits purchasers, then simplify adoption so you can follow their lead. This methodology simultaneously serves as a project plan and a springboard for future management decisions regarding the second largest budget line-item on the company's balance sheet after payroll; the benefits program. 

What the CEO's Guide provides.

A practical, step-by-step intro to create change in your organization.

It gives anyone responsible for health benefits, financial performance, or caring for employees the practical blueprint for success and the insight to ensure change is successfully implemented. Healthcare is already fixed. Join us to replicate the fixes.