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30-50% of your current health care spending is wasted! It's estimated by organizations such as PwC and the Institute of Medicine that 30-50% of all health care spending is waste, fraud, or abuse. If health care is 20% of your payroll expenses, this is like a 6-10% perpetual payroll tax on your competitiveness.

Total Rewards Insurance Agency

C-Suite Benefit Strategic Planning: Managing Benefit Costs Using Strategic Planning as a Tool

We advocate a nationally recognized, six-step process that simultaneously serves as a project plan, and a springboard for future management decisions regarding the benefits program. When engaging our agency in the strategic planning process the following themes are emphasized: 

  • Clearer alignment of the total rewards strategy with the overall business strategy is a critical key to success for all employers today. 


  • A well-defined road map (ie – Benefits Strategic Plan) is an essential tool to ensure proactive management of the rewards program and its alignment with the business mission. 

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